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Nishant Babusenan – President

Nishant Babusenan - OHA DirectorNishant Babusenan.,HOM., BHMS., MSc (Psy)., PG Dip Clincal Reserach., a young fervent and Articulate Practitioner, hails from a family of homeopath’s practicing homeopathy for almost 60 years or more. He has completed his B.H.M.S (Bachelors in homeopathic medicine and surgery) 5 and half year course from MGR Medical University, after which did his M.Sc in Psychology. He has always been service oriented and has tremendous leadership qualities. He was also lecturer at Venkateshwara Homeo Medical College for the subject Surgery and his specialities are that he acts as an inspiration for all those who seek knowledge and guidance. Nishant has written many articles which was published in the paper for topics on asthma, dysmenorrhoea, constipation, women and child etc. He believes Homeopathy is the best way to treat a disease with no side effects at all. Hahnemann said that “Like cures Like” Nishant says: “Belief cures Life”. Nishant has graduated from Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical, Toronto, Canada, obtaining Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

Dennis Chadbourne – Treasurer

Dennis Chadbourne - OHA DirectorPersonal:

I was a patient first. Through Homeopathic medicine I have personally been given a second chance. I now am 8 years without Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and hospitalization due to anaphylactic situations. Becoming a Homeopath has allowed duplicating the results to benefit others. I give back.

Professional Development/ Education:

Graduated Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine 2006. Elected to the Ontario Homeopathic Association Board of Directors 2007 to present. Involved in Homeopathic Regulation in Ontario through OHA.

2007 to 2015:
Recovery and Revitalization: Seniors Health and Mental Health

2007 to Present:
Elected to the Canadian Homeopathic Conference Planning Committee 2010 to present
President of One Parent Families Association – Toronto Chapter

2013 to Present:
Developed Homeopathic FRAK Pak (First Responders Aid Kit) public training – 2014
Developed partnership with HTSF or Homéopaths de Terre Sans Frontieres – 2014
Regulated as Homeopath under the College of Homeopaths in Ontario

Develop and Train for Homeopathic Mission(s), Honduras, Mission North – 2016

Saroj Gandhi – Secretary

sarojgandhi2Saroj Gandhi (HOM) is a registered Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths and graduated from the Homeopathic Institute of North America. She has been practising homeopathy in Mississauga for the last 16 years as a professional member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association. Her passion and professional commitment to Homeopathy comes with the desire to help her patients heal through balance and wellness. Her exceptional knowledge of Homeopathic principles, along with great communication skills, enable her to develop a strong patient – practitioner relationship.

Her areas of expertise are:

1. Women’s Health
2. Pain Management
3. Digestive Health
4. Sleep Disturbances
5. Mental/Emotional Health
6. Skin Conditions

Saroj is known for her empathy, knowledge and commitment to patient success, with her primary focus on her patient’s individual achievement of a state of optimal well-being. Each treatment plan that Saroj creates is customized to suit each individual which provides tools and knowledge for the patient to sustain well-being and a healthy balance.

Saroj is continually improving her knowledge by furthering her advanced studies in Homeopathy. Most recently, she had obtained her post-graduate diploma in Homeopathic Cardiology.

Deepti Tebeck – Director

Deepti Tebeck - OHA DirectorDEEPTI TEBECK (HOM) BDS, is a Homeopath graduated from “The Homeopathic Institute of North America”, and is practicing in Brampton, Ontario since 2001. She has inherited homeopathy and its professional practice from her father and mentor, Dr. BAL Raj Gandhi who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery from Nehru Medical College, India. He specializes in chronic back problems, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, asthma and other forms of allergies, and has been practicing homeopathy for over 30 years in India.

Deepti also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from India, and has practiced as a dental surgeon before re-locating to Canada. During this time, she also assisted her father in his homeopathy clinic, which then led her to pursue her passion in Homeopathy in Canada.

Deepti Tebeck presents the ‘new face’ of modern and scientific homeopathy, specializing in homeopathic treatment for oral and dental problems. She not only offers the best of homeopathic treatment, but sets international standards in Good Homeopathic Medical Practice (GHMP). Her in-depth knowledge in homeopathy complements her dedication and firm belief in the medicine.

She is a member of Ontario Homeopathic Association. Her professional commitment and dedication to give the best health advise to her patients comes naturally to her because of her innermost desire to help the people who are suffering.

Despite her busy schedule, she volunteers at access centers to help new immigrants settle as soon as possible, by assisting them in finding jobs, accommodation and giving valuable advice for further education and learning English language. In cases where new immigrants face health problems, she most willingly suggests and donates homeopathic medicines to relieve their suffering, hence reducing their health costs if they don‘t have health coverage. Serving people is Deepti’s passion, and she goes above and beyond to fulfill this passion of hers.

Gitanjali Goel – Director

Gitanjali Goel - OHA DirectorGitanjali Goel is an eminent Homoeopathic Consultant. She is holding D.H.M.S. degree in Homeopathy and has been practicing classical homeopathy in India, US, and Canada for the last 14 years. She is a registered member of College of Homeopaths of Ontario and Ontario Homeopathic Association. As a Homeopath, she is very positive in her attitude, and actively encourages her patients to live healthier life styles.

She is committed to providing the highest quality of homeopathic care, dispensed with personal attention and full respect for her patients’s prefrences and goals .

She has wide experience in treating patients suffering from various ailments like Asthma, Allergies, Gastritis, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, women health issues, Emotional and Behavioral issues, ADHD/ADD/ODD, Arthritis, Diabetes, Depression etc. successfully.

She believes in treating patients on Classical Homeopthic principles, considering each and every patient as a unique individual and treating them with a holistic approach. Her prescriptions are based on totality of symptoms taking into consideration physical as well as mental aspects of the diseased person.

Ruby Gill – Director

Ruby Gill - OHA DirectorRuby Gill (Hom) HOM, Bsc., MA, DCHM is a Registered Homeopath and runs her own practice from Nanak Homeopathic Clinic located in Brampton. Practicing homeopathy for a while & specializes in treating patients with gynecological issues. After graduating from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, she has continued to gain experience and knowledge by working with several homeopaths throughout the GTA. In the past, she has worked extensively for non-profit organizations and held designations in several programs run by the Federal Government and the Region of peel. Her honesty, integrity and genuine desire to help others have won her appreciation and accolades from the Canadian Mental Health Association. Very passionate about homeopathy, her main objective is to empower people to overcome disease. Ruby is a member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association.

Paula de Candia – Director

Paula Felicia De Candia Hom, HD, D.H.M.H.S, is an experienced Classical Homeopath and has been actively practicing Homeopathy since 2006. She is currently Registered and in good standing with the Ontario College of Homeopaths (CHO) regulated under the Ontario Regulated Health Professions Act 1991. Paula is also an active member of Ontario Homeopathic Association(OHA) and Alliance of Homeopaths in Ontario (AHOA).

Paula De Candia was born in Romania. She immigrated to Canada in 1996. She is a mother of three beautiful healthy daughters, ages 4, 9 and 16 years. Paula is fluent in both Romanian and English.

She obtained her Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in 2006 from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and her Doctor of Homeopathy Certificate of Registration with the Ontario Homeopathic Association in 2006. (Registration Number 2006-34). She successfully completed her training with Homépathes Terre Sans Frontières in HTSF Front Line Homeopathic Care and HTSF Professional Homeopathic Care Level Two. In addition to Canada, Paula’s training and education in homeopathy has taken place in India and in the United States. She is committed to upgrading her training and education in homeopathy on ongoing basis to better serve her patients and the homeopathic profession.

She has obtained certification in other health and wellness modalities which she utilizes to compliment her Homeopathic Practice. She has obtained her Certification in Reflexology with the Ontario College of Reflexology (Certificate Number N462); Certification in Applied Nutritional Microscopy on live and dry blood analysis; Certification as a Body Talk Access Technician, Fast Aid and Fundamentals Practitioner and recently obtained her Certification as a Certified Coach Practitioner with Certified Coaches Federation.

Renu Qazi – Director

Renu Qazi - OHA DirectorRenu Qazi (Hom) MBBS, MPH, DCHM is a registered Homeopath and has her own practice Homeopathic Medicare in North York. Renu is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathy Medicine. She has also obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Kasturba Medical College, India followed by a Masters degree in Public Health from Lakehead University in Thunderbay, Ontario.

Her passion for Homeopathy comes from her own experiences where healing has taken place for her and her family through Homeopathy.

Renu is continually studying homeopathy in order to advance her homeopathic skills even further.
In the past, Renu has held a position as a Drug Safety Specialist and has been involved in Medical/Dental research. She now has her own research facility for Medical/Dental research along with her Homeopathy Clinic. Being involved with patients and medications all of her life, homeopathy has given her a new perspective on healing.

She is a member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Her passion, hard work and professional commitment to homeopathy comes with the desire to help patients heal. through balance and wellness.